A multi-system chiptune tracker compatible with DefleMask modules



Over 50 sound chips - and counting:
Yamaha FM chips:
- YM2151 (OPM)
- YM2203 (OPN)
- YM2413 (OPLL)
- YM2414 (OPZ) used in Yamaha TX81Z
- YM2608 (OPNA) used in PC-98
- YM2610 (OPNB) used in Neo Geo
- YM2610B (OPNB2)
- YM2612 (OPN2) used in Sega Genesis and FM Towns
- YM3526 (OPL) used in C64 Sound Expander
- YM3812 (OPL2)
- YMF262 (OPL3) with full 4-op support!
- Y8950 (OPL with ADPCM)
square wave chips:
- AY-3-8910/YM2149(F) used in several computers and game consoles
- Commodore VIC used in the VIC-20
- Microchip AY8930
- TI SN76489 used in Sega Master System and BBC Micro
- PC Speaker
- Philips SAA1099 used in SAM Coupé
sample chips:
- Amiga
- SegaPCM - all 16 channels
- Capcom QSound
- Yamaha YMZ280B (PCMD8)
- Ricoh RF5C68 used in Sega CD and FM Towns
- OKI MSM6258 and MSM6295
wavetable chips:
- HuC6280 used in PC Engine
- Konami Bubble System WSG
- Konami SCC/SCC+
- Namco arcade chips (WSG/C15/C30)
- WonderSwan
- Seta/Allumer X1-010
NES (Ricoh 2A03/2A07), with additional expansion sound support:
- Konami VRC6
- Konami VRC7
- MMC5
- Famicom Disk System
- Sunsoft 5B
- Namco 163
- Family Noraebang (OPLL)
SID (6581/8580) used in Commodore 64
Mikey used in Atari Lynx
ZX Spectrum beeper (SFX-like engine)
TIA used in Atari 2600
Game Boy
- Commander X16 VERA
- tildearrow Sound Unit

Mix and match sound chips!
- over 200 ready to use presets from computers, game consoles and arcade boards...
- ...or create your own - up to 32 of them or a total of 128 channels!

DefleMask compatibility
- loads .dmf modules from all versions (beta 1 to 1.1.3)
- saves .dmf modules - both modern and legacy
- Furnace doubles as a module downgrader
- loads .dmp instruments and .dmw wavetables as well
- clean-room design (guesswork and ABX tests only, no decompilation involved)
- bug/quirk implementation for increased playback accuracy through compatibility flags

VGM export

Modular layout that you may adapt to your needs

Audio file export - entire song, per system or per channel

Quality emulation cores (Nuked, MAME, SameBoy, Mednafen PCE, NSFplay, puNES, reSID, Stella, SAASound, vgsound_emu and ymfm)

Wavetable synthesizer
- available on wavetable chips
- create complex sounds with ease - provide up to two wavetables, select and effect and let go!

MIDI input support

Fractal Sound support!
- the game-ready Sega Genesis/Mega Drive sound driver!
- compose your songs in Furnace using the Fractal Sound presets and then use them in your games with Fractal!

Additional features:
- FM macros!
- negative octaves
- arbitrary pitch samples
- sample loop points
- SSG envelopes and ADPCM-B in Neo Geo
- full duty/cutoff range in C64
- ability to change tempo mid-song
- multiple sub-songs in a module
- per-channel oscilloscope with waveform centering
- built-in sample editor
- chip mixing settings
- built-in visualizer in pattern view

Open-source under GPLv2 or later.

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