A Tracker add-on to upload a file or folder to an online service

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UploadIt is a Tracker Add-On that uploads a single file or folder to the online service The Null Pointer at http://0x0.st/. A folder gets automatically zipped up before it's uploaded.

The URL for the uploaded file is put into the clipboard after the upload has finished, ready to be pasted into an email, a chat window or forum post.

Depending on the file size, uploaded files are retained for 30 days to one year. The maximum file size is 512 MiB.
0x0.st is NOT a platform for:
* piracy
* pornography
* extremist material of any kind
* malware / botnet C&C
* anything related to crypto currencies
* backups
* CI build artifacts
* doxxing, database dumps containing personal information
* anything illegal under German law

Uploads found to be in violation of these rules will be removed, and the originating IP address blocked from further uploads.

Tip: Install Clipdinger from HaikuDepot. It includes a 'Clipboard Monitor' that you can embed as Replicant on the Desktop. When you see the upload URL appearing there, you know the file was uploaded successfully and the URL can be pasted.

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