A cross platform IDE written in C++/Qt

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MonkeyStudio's primary goal was to be a Qt only IDE, but it evolved to be a way to support any kind of project. It supports Qt project management and embeds Designer and Assistant to form a complete, fast and powerful Qt-based IDE. It's based upon a flexible plugin system that allows extending it in a near-infinite manner.

Among MonkeyStudio's features:

- Advanced, customizable code editor, based on QScintilla.
- Syntax highlighting for more than 22 programming languages.
- Automatic detection of End Of Line mode (∕n, ∕r∕n). You can work with files that have Windows/Unix EOL symbols at the same time and save its original mode.
- Automatic detection of indentation mode. Choose your preferred mode, or activate automatic detection to save the original indentation of your files.
- Templates wizard allows you to create files or projects from templates, provided by the MkS Team, or from your own templates.
- With code restyling you can quickly fix/update the style of your code using embedded AStyle code beautifier.
- Automatic completion based on contents of the current file, or on .api files for your language/libraries if available.
- Search and replace engine allows you to search and replace text in the current file, or in a directory.
- Navigator shows a list of classes, methods, functions, variables... in the file and allows you to jump to the line in the code where the object is located. Navigation based on Exuberant Ctags supports 31 programming languages.

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