The LaTeX2HTML translator


* breaks up a document into one or more components as specified by the user
* provides optional iconic navigation panels on every page which contain links to other parts of the document
* handles inlined equations, right-justified numbered equations, tables, or figures and any arbitrary environment
* can produce output suitable for browsers that support inlined images or character based browsers (as specified by the user)
* handles definitions of new commands, environments, and theorems even when these are defined in external style files
* handles footnotes, tables of contents, lists of figures and tables, bibliographies, and can generate an Index
* translates cross-references into hyperlinks and extends the LaTeX cross-referencing mechanism to work not just within a document but between documents which may reside in remote locations
* translates accent and special character commands to the equivalent HTML character codes where possible
* recognizes hypertext links (to multimedia resources or arbitrary internet services such as sound/video/ftp/http/news) and links which invoke arbitrary program scripts, all expressed as LaTeX commands
* recognizes conditional text which is intended only for the hypertext version, or only for the paper (PDF) version
* can include raw HTML in a LaTeX document (e.g. in order to specify interactive forms)
* can deal sensibly with all the commands and environments commonly used with LaTeX as summarized at the back of the LaTeX blue book [1], and many of the packages described in the LaTeX Companion, and others.
* will try to translate any document with embedded LaTeX commands irrespective of whether it is complete or syntactically legal.

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