A text editor by KDE, based on the KDE Frameworks editor component

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KWrite is a simple text editor application, allowing you to edit one file at the time per window. As Kate, KWrite uses the editor component KatePart.KWrite simply provides the selected editor component with a window frame, and lets you open and save documents.

Application Features
* window splitting (horizontal & vertical)
* multi-document interface (MDI)
* plugin: embedded terminal, SQL plugin, build plugin, GDB plugin, Replace in Files, and more
* session support

General Features
* encoding support (Unicode and lots of others)
* bi-directional text rendering support
* line ending support (Windows, Unix, Mac), including auto detection
* network transparency (open remote files)
* extensible through scripting

Advanced Editor Features
* bookmarking system (also supported: break points etc.)
* scroll bar marks
* line modification indicators
* line numbers
* code folding

Syntax Highlighting
* highlighting support for more than 250 languages
* bracket matching
* smart on-the-fly spell checking
* highlighting of selected words

Programming Features
* scriptable auto indentation
* smart comment and uncomment handling
* auto completion with argument hints
* vi input mode
* rectangular block selection mode

Search & Replace
* incremental search, also known as “find as you type”
* support for multiline search & replace
* regular expression support
* search & replace in multiple opened files or files on disk

Backup and Restore
* backups on save
* swap files to recover data on system crash
* undo / redo system

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