Helper to manage workspaces composed of git repositories

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gws is a KISS, bash, colorful helper to manage workspaces composed of git repositories.

If you are, like me, a Linux programmer/hacker/coder who uses heavily git, you certainly have a directory in your home folder named dev, workspace, code or something else that contains all the projects you are working on.

Since I use at least three different computers, one laptop, one at home and one at work, I like to have the same folder structure on all of them. Of course remembering which project was added recently on others computer and in which folder is tedious.

So I started to thing about using git submodules to register all projects on which I am working and syncing them with git between the two computers. But clearly git submodules are not usable because they are working on specific commit and are not following branches.

No worry. The problem is pretty trivial, so I decided to start write a little bash (YOLO) script that read a simple list of repositories, and clone them if they don't exist. And then, commit by commit, the script as grown to finally become a helper to sync, monitor and check workspaces.

I thought it can be useful to other people, so I made a little cleanup, write a small documentation, and there it is. I hope you will enjoy it!

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