OpenGL and OpenGL ES shader front end and validator


Khronos reference front-end for GLSL and ESSL, and sample SPIR-V generator

There are several components:

* Reference Validator and GLSL/ESSL -> AST Front End
An OpenGL GLSL and OpenGL|ES GLSL (ESSL) front-end for reference validation and translation of GLSL/ESSL into an internal abstract syntax tree (AST).
Status: Virtually complete, with results carrying similar weight as the specifications.

* HLSL -> AST Front End
An HLSL front-end for translation of an approximation of HLSL to glslang's AST form.
Status: Partially complete. Semantics are not reference quality and input is not validated.
This is in contrast to the DXC project, which receives a much larger investment and attempts to have definitive/reference-level semantics.
See issue 362 and issue 701 for current status.

* AST -> SPIR-V Back End
Translates glslang's AST to the Khronos-specified SPIR-V intermediate language.
Status: Virtually complete.

* Reflector
An API for getting reflection information from the AST, reflection types/variables/etc. from the HLL source (not the SPIR-V).
Status: There is a large amount of functionality present, but no specification/goal to measure completeness against. It is accurate for the input HLL and AST, but only approximate for what would later be emitted for SPIR-V.

* Standalone Wrapper
glslangValidator is command-line tool for accessing the functionality above.
Status: Complete.
Tasks waiting to be done are documented as GitHub issues.

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