A source port of the classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D

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* EDuke32 runs natively without relying on emulation of any kind
* EDuke32 runs at crazy resolutions like 2560 × 1440.
* EDuke32 allows you to choose between two different hardware accelerated OpenGL renderers, or the classic, warped software mode you grew up with
* EDuke32 fixes an insane amount of programming errors which were harmless in the days of DOS but are fatal with modern protected memory models; translation: EDuke32 crashes less
* EDuke32 has been the only actively developed and maintained Duke3D port for years
* EDuke32 features Plagman's incredible "Polymer" renderer as a replacement for Ken Silverman's "Polymost" renderer
* EDuke32 has a huge number of new extensions to the game's scripting system, allowing gameplay mods that rival even modern games.
* EDuke32 runs the HRP with support for all features, most of which require EDuke32; no other port can run the HRP with all features enabled
* EDuke32 adds a full-featured console, including Quake-style key bindings, command aliases, advanced tab completion, comprehensive command history, colored text and more
* EDuke32 has hundreds of code rewrites, optimizations and fixes for rare or annoying bugs in the original code
* EDuke32 adds tons of optional new features that make the player's life easier including modern status display/HUD, support for loading mods from the startup window, and modern, WSAD-based controls with thoroughly reworked mouse aiming
* EDuke32 supports Ogg Vorbis sound and music
* EDuke32 is developed by people who have been in the Duke3D scene since the beginning
* EDuke32 lets you play that game called 'NAM' you saw at the dollar store 10 years ago
* EDuke32 makes sandwiches!

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